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2012 Feb Meet 060

Let’s Go Valve Cover Racin’ . . .

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The Next Generation Automotive Exhibition, held in conjunction with the 45th Annual Corvette & High Performance Meet at the Puyallup Fairgrounds will include VALVE COVER RACES!  Never heard of it, you say?  Here’s the deal:  It’s a lot like the Pinewood Derby races that your neighborhood Cub Scouts do.  Only bigger.  Bigger boys have bigger toys.  Girls do too!  Simply take an old valve cover, slap a set of wheels under it, find an incline somewhere, and say to your buddy, “Bet mine’s faster’n yers!”, and Bubba, ‘ya probably got ‘yerself a race.  There are a few rules, of course, but not many.  Building a VC racer is very simple.  This isn’t rocket science, folks, but there’s a bit of 7th grade Physics involved.  If you were paying attention all those years ago, and apply just a wee little bit of what you (should have) learned, you will do very well.  It’s WAY more fun than 7th grade physics, too!

We use a Round-Robin format. Every racer runs in every round. Number of rounds are determined by the number of registered participants.  We keep the duration of the races under an hour. Ranking is based on cumulative time (sum) for the race series for the event.  Lowest time wins the class. Class determination is made at registration.  We separate the Next Generation (age TBD & under) from the Old Timers (everybody else).



We have “Loaner” valve cover racers available for those that wish to play but do not have a racer. In general, kids get priority for these highly decorated racers, but anyone can borrow one to join in the fun. So bring the kids or grandkids. They love it!

  • Can be from any gasoline powered engine. (No diesels)
  • Must have a minimum of 3 wheels.  More is OK.
  • NO power source is allowed.  GRAVITY power only.
  • Maximum weight 7 lbs.  Lighter is OK.
  • Maximum width 10 inches. Maximum length: Must fit within 22.5” launch area.  Overhang beyond the rear wheel(s) is OK.  Shorter is OK, too.
  • No part of the racer may extend over the track center rail at any time.
  • May be bone stock or modified.  Doesn’t matter.  Decoration is encouraged!
  • Leading edge of VC racer must contact track starting pin.  (No part of the racer may extend forward of the starting pin contact point)
  • Weights must be securely attached & non-movable. (NO sliding weights)
  • All entries must be officially weighed in & pass a technical inspection.


TRACK   (Track has electronic timing & finish lights) – Measures to one thousandth of a sec.

  • Track is 30 feet long plus an approx. 20 foot run off/catch area.
  • Starting line is 4 feet off the floor.
  • Lanes are 12 inches wide.  Lanes are computer-assigned in each heat.
  • Track side & center rails are 2 inches high.
  • Finish line timing light beam is 1.5” above the track surface.

***all track measurements are approximate***


  • Registration starts at 9:30 a.m.
  • (Track is available for practice runs until racing starts).
  • Racing starts at 11:00
  • ONE official entry per person.
  • Entrants are responsible for staging their own Valve Cover entry.
  • Racing is open to kids (of ALL ages).  Youngsters under (age TBD) compete with youngsters.  Geezers compete with geezers.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification (& heavy shame!)
  • Organizers do not accept responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property or for failure to have fun.  Yer on yer own, bubba!
  • Decisions of the Organizers will be final.  Protests will NOT be acknowledged.
  • Awards may be made for People’s Choice, Rusty Wheels, and various Competition classes.
  • Anything NOT specifically PROHIBITED by above rules is LEGAL.
  • Anything NOT specifically REQUIRED by above rules is OPTIONAL.
  • And finally . . . there AIN’T NO MORE RULES!

So there you have it.  Race is Saturday Feb. 9, 2019. Dig around in your garage & find that old valve cover you’ve been using to store old rocker arms & rusty head bolts that you’ll never ever use again.  Dump the junk out of it, slap on a set of wheels (and maybe a coat of spiffy paint) and LET’S GO RACIN’ . . . !

Questions?  Contact…

races@CorvetteMarqueClub.com  or  lwjohnson@corvettehp.com





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