Vendor/Exhibitor Rules

IMPORTANT! If you register as a vendor or exhibitor for our event, you are bound by our event rules. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for any reason. The registered vendor accepts responsibility for all parties to whom his/her passes have been distributed. Use of passes constitutes acceptance of these provisions.

Move-In: Vendor gates open at 11:00AM Friday morning. Follow signs at rear of fairgrounds to staging area. To the best of our ability, we try to separate large trucks and all trailers into a special staging lane so we can expedite entry. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. The larger your combined vehicle package (motorhome, dually and trailer, etc.), the sooner you should arrive so we can help you claim your spot. Be advised, some areas may not be accessible if surrounding vendors have arrived before you. If you cannot access your assigned booth(s), we will have to relocate you. Please do not block fire lanes. The Fire Marshal has issued tickets (over $100!) for illegally parked vehicles. Unattended vehicles left in the fire lanes, blocking doorways, causing congestion or painted an offensive color may be considered abandoned and sold for parts if not towed away!

Remember- if your space is not occupied by 8:00AM Saturday, we will consider you a no-show and may re-sell your booth. Booths are intending for selling automotive related goods and services and/or vehicles, not for a parking spot.

Vehicles left inside buildings (including the Barn areas) must have batteries disconnected, etc. Please contact a member of the show staff if you need assistance.

Vendor gates close at 7:00PM Friday night.

Move-out– For safety reasons, for sale vehicles must have show staff approval before exiting, depending on time of day. If you plan on attending our events in the future, please do not leave your unwanted treasures (tires, batteries, rusty parts, etc.). We might just remember you.

Displays– This is an automotive related event; please do not bring non-automotive goods without prior approval. Show organizers reserve the right to disallow or permit any and all displays or eject any vendor deemed objectionable. Tables are $8; chairs are $1 for the weekend (inside booths only). Power drops are $38 (inside only). Please do not drive nails into walls, posts, etc.. There is a courtesy table at the show office in the Showplex for event flyers and promotional materials from registered vendors or non-profit clubs.

Public Safety Inspections will be conducted by the Fire Marshal. Make sure your extension cords are heavy duty 14 gauge. Plastic tarps are not allowed indoor or outdoor during show hours. OK to use them to cover your goods after show hours. Awnings, tarps, etc. must be labeled as fire retardant for Fire Marshal OK. Propane heaters are not allowed due to permitting requirements. They must have a permit prior to the event; permits are not available on site.

Admission: Your vendor pass has a tear-off portion at the bottom required for daily entry. Our staff will remove the tear-off portion when you enter the grounds. If you need to leave and re-enter, it is your responsibility to get a hand-stamp on the way out. Your passes are void if they have been removed. Youths 12 and under, entering with an adult are not required to have passes. Please have your vendor pass ready to present to the staff at the gate to speed your entry.

Two passes per booth are furnished. Maximum of 2 extra passes per booth may be pre-purchased or purchased at the gate. If you do not wish us to sell extra passes for your booth, you must advise us. As a registered vendor, you are responsible for the conduct and actions of the persons using your vendor passes. Passes will be sold at $19/day at the gate, $14/day if pre-purchased. Pre-registered vendors will be admitted before those registering at the gate. If you do not need to drive your vehicle onto the grounds, you may find it quicker to enter by foot Saturday morning.

Parking: Illegally parked vehicles may be towed.  Please do not park on the grounds unless you are in your designated vendor booth. Parking adjacent to the buildings is generally not permitted. Fire lane parking is $100 plus towing expense. Limited parking within grounds, fees applicable if space available, ask at vendor gate when entering.

Security: Security is provided during show hours and overnight. Participants should cover their goods when booths are unattended. The show organizers assume no liability for theft or damage. Participants should provide their own insurance if desired. Be prepared-remove or cover your goods!!

Sales tax: Sales tax is the responsibility of the seller. Contact the Revenue office in Tacoma at 253-593-2722 or by mail at PO Box 44010, Tacoma, WA 98444 for a temporary registration.

General: Please- no for sale signs in fairgrounds parking lots unless fees have been paid. Violators subject to tow-away.

Info: Larry or Karen Johnson
Corvette & High Performance Meet
PO Box 7753
Olympia, WA 98507

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