Why different Hours again?!

Why are the swap meet hours different this year, again??


If you’re a regular, long term attendee to this event, you’re used to Friday being a vendor set-up day and Saturday and Sunday being open to the public. If you’ve been attending the last two years, you’ve noticed we have been trying a different scheduling. The reason behind these changes has been due to long standing grumbles from both vendors and the public about how slow the second day, Sunday, is. (We didn’t care much for it either.) We’re trying these changes to see if there is a better way to present this event that benefits both the vendors and public. The changes this year were based on feedback from the last two years. Some people were happier with the previous changes, some were not, and some aren’t interested in any kind of change.

This year, Sunday will be the main day for the public with admission gates open from 8 to 3. Vendor set-up will be open from 11:00AM until 7:00PM Saturday. In the previous two years, we have provided for an early bird shopper opportunity for the general public in the afternoon of the day the vendors set up. Continuing with an early entry feature, the blue gate will open at 4:00PM on Saturday. You can shop until 7:00PM but you must enter the grounds by 5:30. Admission tickets can be purchased at the gate. From the results of the last two years of change, we have seen between 500 and 700 “earlybird shoppers”, a small percentage of the main day.

If you can accept the idea that Sunday is being presented as the “new Saturday”, maybe the idea makes more sense. Sunday is not the second day of the event for the majority of the public this year. If you’re willing to try it out, it could be a really good thing. Change can be difficult.

We understand that not everybody will embrace this change and based on the feedback this year, things could be different next year. Remember, we started down this path based on feedback from those who were not happy with the way things had “always been”. If you’ve been coming to the event over the years just on Saturday, you may not have even considered what happens the second day because you’re not there. We hear many versions of what vendors and people like or don’t like, and believe me, there are many personal reasons. We are not trying to please everybody, we are trying to find the version that works best for both the vendors and the public in today’s environment.

If you’re willing to give this idea your support, please help us by spreading the word of this year’s changes to your friends! My daughter tells me social media is a powerful resource!


Larry Johnson

Chairman, since 1975




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