’82 Collector Edition Corvette with 4-Speed

Could this be the only 1982 Corvette Collector Edition with 4-speed ever built???

This Corvette has been parked for awhile and piqued my curiosity because of it’s supposed rarity with a 4-speed manual transmission. Despite the fact the all information I have access to claims that there were no factory produced 4-speed manual transmission Corvettes built for the ’82 production year, I have learned to “never say never”.  It didn’t require too much investigation to confirm that yes, the car really had a 4-speed, and no, it was not installed at the factory. Someone had done the necessary modifications to remove the 700R4  4-speed automatic and replace it with a 4-speed manual and a Hurst shifter. The car was indeed a real Collector Edition Hatchback, one of 6,759 built in a production year of 25,407. Doing the math, that’s 27% of total production.

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